InterForce is a cooperation betweeen on the one side the Danish private and public sectors and on the other the Armed Forces / the Civil Defence. InterForce works towards ensuring understanding and building relations between these two worlds. Denmark needs a robust and flexible armed reserve, home guard, part-time fireman corps, and volunteer coastal rescuer service – something we under one umbrella name “The Reserve Force”. In order to have such a emergency preparedness back-up, society needs the aid of the civilian employers of the men and women who take on a dual responsibility: Employer Support to The Reserve Force. More than 2,000 Dansh businesses, societies and other organisations are members of InterForce, thereby publicly stating their support for The Reserve Force. An InterForce member can be expected to show understanding and exercise flexibility towards their day to day employees that may ask for periods of leave to serve in uniform. On an organisational level, InterForce is part of the Danish Defence Command Executive Office. The InterForce Executive Office is thus located in the Citadel (“Kastellet”) in Østerbro, Copenhagen. here.Apart from the InterForce Executive Office, there are seven local branches around the Kingdom of Denmark – the most recently opened office being the one in Nuuk, Greenland.

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