InterForce is an organization affiliated with the Defense Command.

We are here to establish a close relation with you in the civil sector. Whether you have employees who are part of The Reserve Forces, or you simply want to support The Defense Forces to contribute to Denmark’s security in an uncertain world.

The Reserve Forces consist of men and women who serve as reserve soldiers. But it also includes the many volunteers in The National Guard, The Emergency Management Service, and The Coast Guard.

We know it can be problematic to do without key employees on days when they need to pull on the uniform for educational purposes or emergencies in The Defense Forces.

We wish to minimize these inconveniences as much as possible. In close dialogue and cooperation with you.

We wish to inform you about the strong competencies that members of The Defense Forces acquire through their education in The Defense Forces, The National Guard and The Emergency Management Service, as well as how you can benefit from these competencies.

Internally in The Defense Forces and The Emergency Management, we wish to spread the word about the knowledge and the skills that these men and women bring from their daily lives as employees, managers and leaders at civilian workplaces.

That is the mission of InterForce.