InterForce Grønland is helping to shorten the distance between the private sector in Greenland and the Armed Forces.

Contact InterForce Grønland:
InterForce Grønland
Aalisartut Aqqutaa 47
3900 Nuuk 

Coordinator and project leader
Karoline Sommer
Phone: (+299) 52 07 64

Coordinator and project leader
Karoline Sommer
InterForce Grønland

InterForce Grønland has an independent working board that consists of a chairman from the private sector, the vice-chief of the Arctic Command and a group of business leaders from Greenland - both from the public and private sector.

This organisation has the responsibility for a wide range of activities like intro meetings, networking, project planning, and communication on a number of platforms. All the measures is to support the people who are a part of the Reserve Forces in Greenland.

InterForce Grønland is a part of the over 20 years old organization InterForce. The secretariat is located in Nuuk at the Arctic Command. In order to strengthen its task management in Greenland in the coming years, the Arctic Command must, among other things, increase the involvement of the Greenlandic population. InterForce Greenland exists to help create the best possible relationships between the individuals who engage in voluntary emergency work and the companies that employ these employees on a daily basis.

Chairman InterForce Greenland
Jacob Nitter Sørensen, administrerende direktør for Air Greenland A/S

Military Coordinator InterForce Greenland
Kommandør Dan B. Termansen, Vicechef for Arktisk Kommando

Working Board:

  • Kristian Reinert Davidsen, adm. direktør for Tele Post
  • Mette Skarregaard Pedersen, departementschef for Departement for Natur og Miljø, Grønlands Selvstyre
  • Ulla Lynge, sekretariatschef for CSR, Greenland
  • Marie Fleischer, vicekommunaldirektør for Sermersooq Kommune
  • Bjørn Bay, politimester for Grønlands Politi
  • Martin B. Kviesgaard, direktør for GrønlandsBANKEN

InterForce Greenland Ambassadors

There are currently no ambassadors for InterForce Greenland.

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