In an uncertain world the need for The Reserve Forces is greater than ever. We are facing growing man-made and natural threats such as cyber-attacks, attacks by foreign states on critical infrastructure, lack of critical supplies, pandemics and extreme weather.

With your support for InterForce you’ll show that you are an active supporter of Denmark’s security. You’ll show that you support your colleagues in The Reserve Forces. And you’ll show that you are open to let them attend when they are called upon.

You don’t just show your obligation to society. You also contribute to the strengthening of Denmark’s overall preparedness for emergencies. And furthermore, you’ll get back happy employees who have learned more about themselves and gained new competencies from operational situations. Competencies that you will benefit from.

As a partnering company you’ll also be invited to a series of national and local events.

There will be events where you’ll get the opportunity to hear from the top of The Danish Defense Forces and meet with business leaders, politicians and public employees and civil servants in key functions. Furthermore, there will be events where you’ll be invited to military bases and experience military parades or displays on land, water and in the air.

Det er ikke juridisk bindende at støtte InterForce. Det indebærer heller ikke økonomiske forpligtelser. I skriver under på en erklæring om, at I støtter op om dansk forsvar og beredskab, når I tilmelder jer som medlemsvirksomhed til InterForce.

In that way Denmark’s security becomes a joint matter.