Managing director at APM Terminals A/S, Per Bøch Andersen:
“InterForce gives us value in different ways. It has been an eyeopener for my employees who then sees that we also have a Defense. Though InterForce the company shows that we do have some obligations, and I also think that it indirectly contributes to a greater support for The Defense Forces. It gives value to society, to the companies and to The Defense. It also opens some doors and maybe demystifies things about The Defense Forces, so it becomes more natural that some are both part of the civil workforce and The Defence Forces in the same time.”

Managing director and former chairman of Danish Association for Business Management, Jens Christian Lorenzen:
“The responsibility [for national security] rely first and foremost on the politicians, but also the businesses. There are many ways to contribute. The companies in InterForce support The Defence Forces by supporting the employees who, next to their civilian carriers, has a contract with The Defense Forces, and who can be deployed with short notice - without losing their job.”

Founder and CEO at NetCompany, André Rogaczewski:
“I think both worlds [The Defense Forces and the business community] have something to offer. To have employees, who have a responsibility in a uniform, takes flexibility, but it is something all the colleagues are supporting. It adds a passion to the entire company that we altogether support The Defense Forces and our country.”

Former CEO at Hedeselskabet, Lars Johansson:
”The employees who have chosen to have a connection with The Defense Forces as well, have chosen to value a theme, a subject, a matter higher than themselves. They also have a discipline that I think is very important. When we mention InterForce in our yearly report it’s because we are proud of our membership.”