In many ways The Defense Forces is a world of its own.

Therefore, we have made the competency booklets that you see on this page. If you click on them, you will be able to read more about what specific competencies a private, a noncommissioned officer or a lieutenant has.

The booklets can be helpful if you haven’t been part of The Defense Forces yourself, and you for example want to know what professional competencies a sergeant or a captain has.

The booklets can also be used to give a civilian employer a better understanding of your professional competencies as a soldier.

They can also be helpful for former soldiers who want to return to The Reserve Forces or start volunteering, and who therefore need to have a dialogue with their manager about how the set up around it will be.

You can then bring the booklets for the conversation and use it to explain what it means to be a soldier, and to show the many competencies which can be used in your civilian job as well.

Click on the booklets to open them