Read here about InterForce and the purpose of InterForce.

InterForce works for a strong collaboration between civilian employers and the armed forces.

We strengthen the relations between employers and the armed forces by focusing on employees with a responsibility in both corporate/public sector life and the Defence.

InterForce is a cooperation between Danish/Greenlandic businesses and the armed forces concerning the armed forces' use of the Reserve Forces: paid reservists as well as Home Guard volunteers. The purpose of the cooperation is to increase the civilian employer flexibility in regards to periods of paid or unpaid leave for these part-time dual responsibility employees.
The cooperation also goes to enhance overall knowledge in society concerning the competencies of military personnel. Likewise InterForce works for increasing knowledge inside the armed forces concerning the value that military-civilian colleagues bring to the Defence.
InterForce builds bridges between the private and public sector by means of relationship-building events, via Reserve Force Ambassadors, and by other ways of communication.